Imipramine HCl 25mg tabs

Amitriptyline HCl 10mg tabs

Amitriptyline HCl 25mg tabs

Nortriptyline HCL Tablets 25mg

Doxepin HCL Capsules 10mg

Doxepin HCL Capsules 25mg

Doxepin HCL Capsules 75mg

Dothiepin HCL Tablets 25mg

Dothiepin HCL Tablets 75mg

Clomipramine HCL Tablets 10mg

Clomipramine HCL Tablets 25mg

Clomipramine HCL Tablets 50mg

Clomipramine HCL Tablets 75mg

Mirtazapine Tablets 15mg

Mirtazapine Tablets 30mg

Mirtazapine Tablets 45mg

Moclobemide Tablets 150mg

Moclobemide Tablets 300mg

Fluoxetine HCL Capsules 10mg

Fluoxetine HCL Capsules 20mg

Fluoxetine HCL Capsules 60mg

Fluoxetine HCL Suspension 20mg/5ml – 60ml

Sertraline Tablets 25mg

Sertraline Tablets 50mg

Sertraline Tablets 100mg

Citalopram Tabelts 10mg

Citalopram Tabelts 20mg

Citalopram Tabelts 40mg

Escitalopram Tablets 5mg

Escitalopram Tablets 10mg

Escitalopram Tablets 20mg

Paroxetine Tablets 10mg

Paroxetine Tablets 20mg

Paroxetine Tablets 30mg

Paroxetine Tablets 40mg



Chlorpromazine HCl 50mg S/C tabs

Chlorpromazine HCl 100mg S/C tabs

Trifluoperazine HCl 5mg tabs

Haloperidol 5mg tabs

Haloperidol 10mg tabs

Thioridazine HCL Tablets 25mg

Thioridazine HCL Tablets 100mg

Fluphenazine Decanoate Injection 25mg / ml -1ml

Trifluoperazine Tablets 5mg

Droperidol Injection 2.5mg / ml – 5ml

Loxapine Capsules 10mg

Loxapine Capsules 25mg

Risperidone Tablets 1mg

Risperidone Tablets 2mg

Risperidone Tablets 3mg

Risperidone Tablets 4mg

Risperidone Suspension 1mg/ml – 60ml

Risperidone Suspension 1mg/ml – 30ml

Pimozide Tablets 2mg

Pimozide Tablets 4mg

Quetiapine Fumarate Tablets 25mg

Quetiapine Fumarate Tablets 100mg

Quetiapine Fumarate Tablets 200mg

Lithium Carbonate Tablets 150mg

Lithium Carbonate Tablets 300mg


Phenytoin Sodium 100mg S/C tabs

Phenytoin Sodium 200mg S/C tabs

Carbamazepine 100mg tabs

Carbamazepine 200mg tabs

Sodium Valproate 200mg tabs

Sodium Valproate 300mg tabs

Sodium Valproate 500mg tabs

Phenobarbitone & Amylobarbitone Tablets 30mg

Phenobarbitone & Amylobarbitone Tablets 60mg

Phenobarbitone & Amylobarbitone Injection 200mg –


Phenobarbitone & Amylobarbitone Syrup 20mg/5ml – 60ml

Primidone Tablets 250mg

Phenytoin Sodium 100mg + Phenobarbitone 30mg

Oxcarbazepine Tablets 150mg

Oxcarbazepine Tablets 300mg

Oxcarbazepine Tablets 600mg

Sodium Valproate Tablets 200mg

Sodium Valproate Tablets 300mg

Sodium Valproate Tablets 500mg

Clonazepam Tablets 0.25mg

Clonazepam Tablets 0.5mg

Clonazepam Tablets 1mg

Clonazepam Tablets 2mg

Clobazam Tablets 5mg

Clobazam Tablets 10mg

Clobazam Tablets 20mg

Gabapentin Tablets 300mg

Gabapentin Tablets 400mg


Promethazine HCl 25mg S/C tabs

Domperidone 5mg tabs

Domperidone 10mg tabs

Domperidone 20mg tabs

Metoclopramide HCl 10mg tabs

Metoclopromide 10mg/2ml Amps

Trifluopromazine Tablets 10mg

Trifluopromazine Injection 10mg/ml – 10ml

Prochlorperazine Tablets 3mg

Prochlorperazine Tablets 5mg

Doxylamine Succinate 10mg + Pyridoxine HCL 10mg

Ondansetron Tablets 4mg

Ondansetron Tablets 8mg

Ondansetron Injection 2mg/ml – 4ml

Cinnarizine Tablets 25mg

Cinnarizine Tablets 75mg


Propranolol 40mg tabs

Propranolol 80mg tabs

Atenolol 50mg tabs

Atenolol 100mg tabs

Nifedipine 10mg tabs

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Enalapril Maleate 2.5mg tabs

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Clonidine HCL Tablets 100mcg

Methyldopa Tablets 250mg

Metoprolol Tablets 25mg

Metoprolol Tablets 50mg

Metoprolol Tablets 100mg

Bisoprolol Tablets 2.5mg

Bisoprolol Tablets 5mg

Bisoprolol Tablets 10mg

Carvedilol Tablets 25mg

Atenolol 50mg + Nifedipine SR 20mg Tablets

Felodipine Tablets 2.5mg

Felodipine Tablets 5mg

Felodipine Tablets 10mg

Amlodipine 5mg + Atenolol 50mg tablets

Amlodipine 5mg + Lisinopril 5mg tablets

Amlodipine 2.5mg + Losartan Potassium 25mg

Ramipril Tablets 1.25mg

Ramipril Tablets 2.5mg

Ramipril Tablets 5mg

Ramipril Tablets 10mg

Perindopril Tablets 2mg

Perindopril Tablets 4mg

Perindopril Tablets 8mg

Fosinopril Tablets 10mg

Fosinopril Tablets 20mg

Losartan Potassium Tablets 25mg

Losartan Potassium Tablets 50mg

Irbesartan Tablets 150mg

Irbesartan Tablets 300mg

Candesartan Tablets 4mg

Candesartan Tablets 8mg

Candesartan Tablets 10mg

Indapamide Tablets 2.5mg

Indapamide Tablets 1.5mg


Isosorbide Dinitrate 10mg tabs

Isosorbide Dinitrate 20mg tabs

Isosorbide Dinitrate 40mg tabs

Isosorbide 5 Mononitrate 10mg tabs

Isosorbide 5 Mononitrate 20mg tabs

Isosorbide 5 Mononitrate 40mg tabs

Diltiazem 30mg tabs

Diltiazem 60mg tabs

Glyceryl Trinitrate 0.5mg

Nicorandil Tablets 5mg

Nicorandil Tablets 10mg

Trimetazidine Tablets 20mg


Salbutamol 2mg tabs

Salbutamol 4mg tabs

Aminophylline 100mg tabs

Aminophylline 250mg/10ml Amps

Terbutaline Tablets 2.5mg

Terbutaline Tablets 5mg

Terbutaline Injection 0.5mg / ml – 5ml

Salbutamol 4mg + Theophylline 300mg Tablets


Cimetidine 200mg tabs

Cimetidine 400mg tabs

Ranitidine 150mg F/C tabs (Strips)

Ranitidine 300mg F/C tabs (Strips)

Ranitidine 25mg/ml – 100’s

Famotidine 20mg tabs

Famotidine 40mg tabs

Lansoprazole 15mg caps

Lansoprazole 30mg caps

Omeprazole 20mg / 40mg caps (Strips)

Pantoprazole 20mg tabs

Pantoprazole 40mg tabs

Roxatidine Tablets SR 75mg

Roxatidine Tablets SR 150mg

Esomeprazole Tablets 20mg

Esomeprazole Tablets 40mg

Rabeprazole Sodium Tablets 10mg

Rabeprazole Sodium Tablets 20mg

Sucralfate Suspension 1gm / 5ml – 100ml

Sucralfate Suspension 1gm / 5ml – 200ml

Sodium Bi Carbonate

Aluminium Hydroxide

Magnesium Trisilicate

Calcium Carbonate


Loperamide Capsules 2mg

Loperamide + Furazolidone Tablets

Metronidazole 100mg+Nalidixic Acid 150mg / 5ml – 30ml


Metronidazole 200mg + Norfloxacin 200mg Tablets

Metronidazole 100mg + Norfloxacin 100mg Susp 30ml

Metronidazole 100mg + Norfloxacin 100mg Susp 60ml

Each Kit contains 1 Tablet of Gatifloxacin 400mg and

1 Tablet of Ornidazole 1000mg

Tinidazole 600mg+Ciprofloxacin 500mg Tablets

Tinidazole 600mg+Ofloxacin 200mg Tablets

Metronidazole 100mg+Ofloxacin 50mg / 5ml – 50ml Susp.



Al 400mg + Mg Hydroxide 400mg tabs

Antacid Susp. (Al 200mg + Mg 200mg)/5ml – 150ml


Hyoscine Butyl Bromide 10mg S/C tabs

Hyoscine Butyl Bromide 20mg/1ml

Dicylomine 10mg tabs


Loperamide HCl 2mg tabs

Loperamide HCl 2mg caps

Metronidazole 200mg tabs

Metronidazole 250mg tabs

Metronidazole 400mg tabs

Metronidazole Susp 100mg/5ml – 60ml


Nitrofurantoin 50mg tabs

Nitrofurantoin 100mg tabs

Naladixic Acid 500mg tabs

Sulphamethizole Tablets 500mg

Disodium Hydrogen Citrate 0.625g+Dipot Hydrogen Cit.

0.625g/5ml – 100ml Syrup

Potassium Citrate


Furosemide 40mg tabs

Furosemide 20mg/2ml ampoule

Hydrochlorothiazide 25mg tabs

Hydrochlorothiazide 50mg tabs

Clopamide Tablets 20mg

Amiloride Tablets

Triametrene 50mg + Benzthiazide 25mg Tablets

Spironolactone Tablets 25mg

Spironolactone Tablets 100mg

Hydrochlorothiazide 50mg + Amiloride HCL 5mg Tablets

Hydrochlorothiazide 25mg + Amiloride HCL 2.5mg Tablets



Clotrimazole 100mg Vaginal tabs – 3’s

Clotrimazole 200mg Vaginal tabs – 6’s

Cotrimazole 15g Gel 1%

Cotrimazole 30g Gel 2% w/w tube (with applicator)

Miconazole 2% Gel 20g tube

Ketoconazole 15% ointment 2% tube


Oxytocine 10 UI 1ml


Sildenafil Citrate 25mg F/C tabs

Sildenafil Citrate 50mg F/C tabs

Sildenafil Citrate 100mg F/C tabs

Tadalafil Tablets 10mg

Tadalafil Tablets 20mg


Silver Sulphadizine Cream 1% w/w – 20gm

Povidone Iodine 15g ointment 5% tube

Povidone Iodine solution – 100ml


Aspirin (Acetyl Salicylic Acid) 300mg tabs

Aspirin (Acetyl Salicylic Acid) 500mg tabs

Aspirin 75mg E/C tabs

Aspirin 150mg E/C tabs

Analgin 50%/5ml 2ml Amps

Dipyrone / Analgin 500mg tabs

Paracetamol 100mg tabs

Paracetamol 500mg tabs

Paracetamol Syrup 125mg/5ml – 60ml

Nimesulide 100mg tabs

Nimesulide Susp 50mg/5ml – 60ml

Ibuprofen 200mg S/C – F/C tabs

Ibuprofen 400mg S/C – F/C tabs

Ibuprofen 600mg S/C – F/C tabs

Ibuprofen 200mg + Paracetamol 500mg tabs

Ibuprofen 400mg + Paracetamol 500mg tabs

Ibuprofen 100mg + Paracetamol 125mg/5ml Susp. – 100ml

Ketoprofen 50mg tabs

Ketoprofen 100mg tabs

Mefenamic Acid 250mg tabs

Mefenamic Acid 500mg tabs

Phenylbutazone 100mg S/C tabs

Phenylbutazone 200mg S/C tabs

Indomethacin 25mg tabs

Indomethacin 25mg caps

Diclofenac Sodium 50mg E/C tabs

Diclofenac Sodium 25mg E/C tabs

Diclofenac Sodium 100mg E/C, S/R tabs

Diclofenac Sod 50mg + Paracetamol 500mg tabs

Diclofenac Sod 50mg + Acetaminophen 500mg tabs

Diclofenac Sodium 25mg/ml

Diclofenac Potassium 50mg tabs

Diclofenac Potassium 50mg + Serratiopeptidase 10mg tabs

Piroxicam 10mg caps

Piroxicam 20mg caps

Celecoxib 100mg tabs

Celecoxib 200mg tabs

Rofecoxib 25mg tabs

Rofecoxib 50mg tabs

Flurbiprofen Tablets 100mg

Flurbiprofen Tablets 200mg

Oxyphenbutazone Tablets 100mg

Tenoxicam Tablets 20mg

Meloxicam Tablets 7.5mg

Meloxicam Tablets 15mg

Valdecoxib Tablets 10mg

Valdecoxib Tablets 20mg

Valdecoxib Tablets 40mg

Nabumetone Tablets 500mg

Glucosamine Sulphate Capsules 750mg

Glucosamine Sulfate Sodium Chloride Capsule 500 mg


Penicillin G (Benzyl penicillin) Injection

Procaine Pencillin G

Benzathine Penicillin G

Cloxacillin Capsules 250mg

Cloxacillin Capsules 500mg

Ampicillin Capsules 250mg

Ampicillin Capsules 500mg

Ampicillin 1g+ Sulbactam 0.5g Inj.

Ampicillin 250mg+ Probenicid 500mg Capsules

Ampicillin 250mg + Cloxacillin 250mg Capsules

Ampicillin 125mg + Cloxacillin 125mg

Ampicillin 125mg + Cloxacillin 125mg / 5mg – 30ml

Ampicillin 125mg + Cloxacillin 125mg / 5mg – 60ml

Bacampicillin HCL Tablets 200mg

Bacampicillin HCL Tablets 400mg

Amoxycillin Capsules 250mg

Amoxycillin Capsules 500mg

Amoxycillin Dry Syrup 125mg / 5ml -60ml

Amoxycillin Dry Syrup 250mg / 5ml -60ml

Amoxycillin 250mg+ Bromhexine 8mg Capsules

Amoxycillin 125mg+ Bromhexine 4mg Syrup 60ml

Amoxycillin 500mg + Carbocisteine 150mg Capsules

Amoxycillin 250mg + Carbocisteine 150mg Capsules

Amoxycillin 125mg+ Cloxacillin 125mg Capsules

Amoxycillin 250mg+ Cloxacillin 250mg Capsules

Amoxycillin 500mg+ Clavulanic Acid 125mg Tablets

Amoxycillin 200mg+ Clavulanic Acid 28.5mg /ml – 30ml

Amoxycillin 500mg+ Clavulanic Acid 125mg /ml – 30ml

Amoxycillin 500mg+ Probenicid 500mg Tablets

Cephalexin Capsules 250mg

Cephalexin Capsules 500mg

Cephalexin Capsules 125mg / 5ml – 30ml

Cephalexin150mg + Bromhexine HCL 4mg Capsules

Cephalexin 500mg + Bromhexine HCL 8mg Capsules

Cephalexin 125mg + Bromhexine HCL 2mg /5ml – 30ml

Cephalexin 250mg + Carbocisteine 150mg Capsules

Cephalexin 500mg + Carbocisteine 150mg Capsules

Cephalexin 250mg + Probenicid 250mg Capsules

Cefazolin Injection 500mg / Vial

Cefazolin Injection 125mg / Vial

Cefazolin Injection 1g / Vial

Cefadroxil Tablets 150mg

Cefadroxil Tablets 250mg

Cefadroxil Tablets 500mg

Cefadroxil Dry Syrups 125mg / 5ml - 30ml

Cefadroxil Dry Syrups 125mg / 5ml - 60ml

Cefuroxime Tablets 250mg

Cefuroxime Tablets 500mg

Cefuroxime Suspension 30ml

Cefaclor Capsules 250mg

Cefaclor Suspension 125mg / 5ml – 30ml

Cefaclor Suspension 125mg / 5ml – 60ml

Cefotaxime Injection 1gm

Ceftazidime Injection 1gm

Ceftriaxone Sodium 1gm

Ceftizoxime Injection 1gm

Cefixime Tablets 100mg

Cefixime Tablets 200mg

Cefixime Dry Syrup 50mg / 5ml – 30ml

Cefoperazone Sodium 1gm inj.

Cefoperazone Sodium 2gm inj

Cefoperazone sodium 500mg + Salbactam Sodium

500mg Inj

Cefpirome Injection 250mg

Cefpodoxime Dry Syrup 50mg/5ml – 30ml

Cefpodoxime Tablets 100mg

Cefpodoxime Tablets 200mg

Cefdinir Capsules 300mg

Cefdinir Dry Syrup 125mg / 5ml

Cefdinir Injection 1gm

Nalidixic Acid Suspension 300mg / 5ml – 30ml

Nalidixic Acid Suspension 300mg / 5ml – 60ml

Nalidixic Acid Tablets 500mg

Ciprofloxacin Tablets 250mg

Ciprofloxacin Tablets 500mg

Ciprofloxacin Infusion 200mg – 100ml

Lomefloxacin Tablets 400mg

Pefloxacin Tablets 200mg

Pefloxacin Tablets 400mg

Ofloxacin Tablets 200mg

Ofloxacin Tablets 400mg

Levofloxacin Tablets 250mg

Levofloxacin Tablets 500mg

Levofloxacin Tablets 750mg

Norfloxacin Tablets 100mg

Norfloxacin Tablets 200mg

Norfloxacin Tablets 400mg

Sparfloxacin Tablets 100mg

Sparfloxacin Tablets 200mg

Sparfloxacin Tablets 400mg

Gatifloxacin Tablets 200mg

Gatifloxacin Tablets 400mg

Kanamycin Injection 500mg

Kanamycin Injection 750mg

Kanamycin Injection 1g

Netilmicin Injection 10mg – 1ml

Netilmicin Injection 25mg – 1ml

Netilmicin Injection 50mg – 1ml

Amikacin Injection 500mg – 2ml

Tobramycin Injection 20mg – 2ml

Tobramycin Injection 60mg – 2ml

Tobramycin Injection 80mg – 2ml

Kanamycin Injection 500mg / Vial

Kanamycin Injection 1g / Vial

Streptomycin Injection 0.75gm

Streptomycin Injection 1gm

Erythromycin Tablets 250mg

Erythromycin Tablets 500mg

Erythromycin Tablets 100mg

Erythromycin Syrup 125mg / 5ml – 60ml

Roxythromycin Tablets 50mg

Roxythromycin Tablets 150mg

Roxythromycin Susp 50mg / 5ml – 30ml

Roxythromycin Susp 50mg / 5ml – 60ml

Azithromycin Tablets 250mg

Azithromycin Tablets 500mg

Azithromycin Dry Syrup 200mg / 5ml – 15ml

Clarithromycin Tablets 250mg

Clarithromycin Tablets 500mg

Clarithromycin Dry Syrup 125mg / 5ml – 30ml

Clindamycin Capsules 150mg

Clindamycin Capsules 300mg

Clindamycin Injection 150mg/ml – 2ml / 4ml

Lincomycin HCL Capsules 250mg

Lincomycin HCL Capsules 500mg

Lincomycin HCL 125mg/ml – 60ml

Lincomycin HCL Injection 300mg/ml – 1ml

Vancomycin Injection 500mg / Vial

Vancomycin Injection 1g / Vial

Spectinomycin Injection 2g / Vial

Tetracycline Capsules 250mg

Tetracycline Capsules 500mg

Doxycycline Capsules 100mg

Oxytetracycline Capsules 500mg

Sulphamethoxazole 400mg+Trimethoprim 80mg Tabs


Sulphamethoxazole 800mg+Trimethoprim 160mg Tabs


Sulphamethoxazole 200mg +Trimethoprim 40mg /5ml-60ml



Sulfamoxole 400mg + Trimethoprim 80mg Tablets



Isoniazid 100mg tabs

Isoniazid 300mg tabs

Isoniazid 300mg + Thiacetazone 150mg tabs

Rifampicin 150mg caps

Rifampicin 300mg caps

Rifampicin 450mg caps

Rifampicin 300mg + Isoniazid 100mg caps

Rifampicin 450mg + Isoniazid 300mg caps

Ethambutol 200mg tabs

Ethambutol 400mg tabs

Ethambutol 800mg tabs

Eithambutol 300mg + INH 300mg Tablets

Rifampicin 450mg + INH 300mg + Ethambutol 800mg


Pyrizinamide 400mg tabs

Pyrizinamide 500mg tabs

Pyrizinamide 750mg tabs

Rifampicin + Isoniazid + Ethambutol + Pyrazinamide

Streptomycin 0.75gm Vial

Streptomycin 1gm Vial

Amphotericin B Injection 10mg

Amphotericin B Injection 50mg

Amphotericin B Injection 100mg

Ethionamide Tablets 250mg

Prothionamide Tablets 250mg

Cycloserine Tablets 250mg

Capreomycin Injection 0.5g

Capreomycin Injection 0.75g

Capreomycin Injection 1g


Metronidazole 200mg tabs

Metronidazole 250mg tabs

Metronidazole 400mg tabs

Tinidazole 300mg tabs

Tinidazole 500mg tabs

Furazolidone 100mg tabs

Secnidazole Tablets 500mg

Secnidazole Tablets 1g

Metronidazole 400mg +Diloxanide Furoate 500mg Tablets

Tinidazole 300mg + Diloxanide Furoate 500mg Tablets

Ornidazole Tablets 500mg


Nystatin 500,000 IU tabs

Miconazole Gel 2% 20gm

Ketaconazole 200mg tabs

Fluconazole 50mg tabs

Fluconazole 150mg tabs

Fluconazole 150mg caps

Griseofulvin 125mg tabs

Griseofulvin 250mg tabs

Griseofulvin 500mg tabs


Mebendazole 100mg tabs 10 x 6’s


Albendazole 400mg tabs

Albendazole Susp 200mg/5ml – 10ml

Levamisole 50mg S/C tabs

Levamisole 150mg S/C tabs

Pyrental Pamoate 250mg tabs

Pyrental Pamoate Susp 200mg/5ml – 10ml

Ivermectin Tablets 3mg

Ivermectin Tablets 6mg

Niclosamide Tablets 500mg


Chloroquine Base 250mg tabs

Chloroquine Susp. 50mg/5ml – 60ml

Chloroquine Susp. 125mg/5ml – 60ml

Chloroquine Base 100mg/2ml Amps

Chloroquine Base 200mg/5ml Amps

Chloroquine Base 300mg/5ml Amps

Chloroquine 40mg/ml Vial 30ml

Sulphadoxine 500mg + Pyrimethamine 25mg tabs

Sulphadox 500mg+Pyrimethamine 25mg tabs

Quinine Sulphate 150mg tabs

Quinine Sulphate 300mg tabs

Quinine Sulphate 500mg tabs

Mefloquine HCl 250mg tabs

Hydroxychloroquine Sulphate Tablets

Sulphadoxine + Pyrimethamine


Primaquine Tablets 7.5mg

Primaquine Tablets 15mg

Kit of 6 Tabs of Chloroquine 500mg & 12 Tabs of

Primaquine 15mg

Kit of 5 Caps of Bulaquine & 5 Tabs of Chloroquine

Phos 500mg

Proguanil HCL Tablets 100mg

Mepacrine Tablets 100mg

Mepacrine Tablets 300mg

Arteether Injection 150mg / 2ml


Acyclovir 200mg tabs

Acyclovir 400mg tabs

Zidovudine 100mg tab

Zidovudine 300mg tab

Zidovudine 100mg caps

Zidovudine 300mg caps

Lamivudine 100mg tabs

Lamivudine 150mg tabs

Lamivudine 150mg + Zidovudine 300mg tabs

Indinavir 200mg tabs

Indinavir 400mg tabs

Nevirapine 200mg tabs

Nevirapine Susp 50mg/5ml–100ml

Idoxuridine 0.1% + Thiomersal 0.002% w/v 10ml Drops

Ribavirin Capsules 200mg

Stavudine Capsules 30mg

Stavudine Capsules 40mg

Valaciclovir Tablets 500mg

Valaciclovir Tablets 1g

Famciclovir Tablets 250mg

Famciclovir Tablets 500mg

Abacavir Tablets 300mg

Ritonavir Capsules 100mg

Nelfinavir Tablets 250mg

Efavirenz Capsules 200mg

Efavirenz Capsules 600mg


Prednisolone 5mg tabs

Prednisolone 10mg tabs

Hydrocortisone Sodium Succ 100mg Vial

Dexamethazone 4mg/1ml Amps

Betamethasone 0.5mg tabs

Betamethasone 1mg tabs

Methylprednisolone Acetate Injection 40mg / ml – 1ml

Triamcinolone Injection 10mg / ml

Triamcinolone Tablets 4mg

Fludrocortisone Acetate Tablets 10mcg


Chlorpropamide 250mg tabs

Glibenclamide 5mg tabs

Rosiglitazone Tablets 8mg


Pioglitazone 15mg +Glimepride 1mg Tablets

Glipizide 5mg tabs

Glipizide 10mg tabs

Gliclazide 40mg tabs

Gliclazide 80mg tabs

Glipizide Tablets 5mg

Glipizide Tablets 10mg

Glimepride 1mg tabs

Glimepride 2mg tabs

Glicazide 80mg + Rosiglitazone 2mg Tablets

Metformin 250mg tabs

Metformin 500mg tabs

Metformin 850mg tabs

Metformin 400mg + Glibenclamide 2.5mg Tablets

Metformin 500mg + Glibenclamide 5mg Tablets

Metformin 400mg + Glipizide 2.5mg

Metformin 500mg + Glipizide 5mg

Metformin 500mg + Gliclazide 80mg

Metformin 1000mg + Glimepride 2mg Tablets

Metformin 500mg + Rosiglitazone 2mg Tablets

Acarbose Tablets 25mg

Acarbose Tablets 50mg

Rosiglitazone Tablets 2mg

Rosiglitazone Tablets 4mg


Cyclophosphamide Tablets 50mg

Cyclophosphamide Injection 200mg

Cyclophosphamide Injection 500mg

Cyclophosphamide Injection 1gm

Ifosfamide Injection 200mg/2ml

Ifosfamide Injection 1gm

Chlorambucil Tablets 2mg

Chlorambucil Tablets 4mg

Melphalan Tablets 2mg

Melphalan Tablets 4mg

Melphalan Injection 50mg

Busulphan Tablets 2mg

Lomustine Capsules 40mg

Mesna Injection 100mg /ml – 2ml

Doxorubicin Injection 10mg – 5ml

Doxorubicin Injection 50mg – 25ml

Daunorubicin Injection 20mg

Mitoxantrone Injection 2mg/ml – 10ml

Bleomycin Injection 15mg

Mitomycin Injection 2mg

Mitomycin Injection 10mg

Methotrexate Tablets 2.5mg

Methotrexate Injection 5mg/ml – 3ml

Methotrexate Injection 25mg/ml – 2ml

Cytarabine Injection 100mg/ml

Fludarabine Injection 50mg

5-Fluorouracil Injection 250mg

5-Fluorouracil Injection 500mg

Mercaptopurine Tablets 50mg

Etoposide Injection 100mg /5ml

Etoposide Capsules 25mg

Etoposide Capsules 50mg

Etoposide Capsules 100mg

Paclitaxel Injection 30mg / Vial

Paclitaxel Injection 100mg / Vial

Paclitaxel Injection 260mg / Vial

Paclitaxel Injection 300mg / Vial

Cisplatin Injection 10mg / Vial

Cisplatin Injection 50mg / Vial

Procarbazine Capsules 50mg

Azathioprine Tablets 50mg

Cyclosporin 10mg

Cyclosporin 25mg

Cyclosporin 50mg

Cyclosporin 100mg

Cyclosporin 100mg/ml – 50ml

Interferon Alfa 3m.i.u. Vial

Interferon Alfa 5m.i.u. Vial

Fosfestrol Tablets 40mg

Ethinyl Oestradiol 1mg

Megestrol Acetate Tablets 40mg

Bicalutamide Tablets 50mg

Leuprolide Injection 1mg / 0.5ml Amp

Tamoxifen Tablets 10mg

Tamoxifen Tablets 20mg

Flutamide Tablets 250mg


Lovastatin 10mg tabs

Lovastatin 20mg tabs

Simvastatin 5mg tabs

Simvastatin 10mg tabs

Simvastatin 20mg tabs

Atorvastatin 10mg tabs

Atorvastatin 20mg tabs

Gemfibrozil 300mg Capsules

Gemfibrozil 600mg Tablets

Gemfibrozil 900mg Tablets

Bezafibrate 200mg Tablets

Bezafibrate 400mg Tablets

Alendronate Sodium 10mg

Alendronate Sodium 5mg

Alendronate Sodium 35mg

Alendronate Sodium 70mg

Etidronate Sodium 200mg

Pamidronate Infusion 30mg

Pamidronate Infusion 60mg

Raloxifene Tablets 60mg


Calcium Carbonate 1000mg tabs

Calcium Citrate 1000mg tabs

Ferrous Fumarate 300mg caps

Iron (III) Hydroxide Polymaltose Complex chewable tabs

Iron (III) Hydroxide Polymaltose Complex caps

Iron (III) Hydroxide Polymaltose Complex Syrup

Iron (III) Hydroxide Polymaltose Complex Drops


Multivitamin S/C tabs

Multivitamin Syrup – 100ml

Vitamin B Complex S/C (Small) tabs

Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) 500mg tabs

Vitamin B Complex + Vitamin C caps

Vitamin B Complex Syrup – 100ml

Folic Acid 5mg tabs

Vitamin B Complex 10ml Amps

Vitamin B1 100mg/ml Amps

Vitamin B1 250mg/2ml Amps

Vitamin B12 1000mcg/2ml Amps

Vitamin B6 100mg/1ml Amps

Vitamin B6 100mg/2ml Amps

Vitamin C 500mg/5ml Amps

Calciferol Vitamin D2

Cholecalciferol (Vitamin D3)

Calcitriol 0.25mcg+Elemental Calcium 200mg+Zinc 7.5mg Caps

Alfacalcidol Capsules 0.25mcg

Vitamin E (Tocopherol) Capsules 200IU

Vitamin K

Spirulina 250mg+Beta-carotene 10mg+Vit E 25mg+Vit C 30mg + Zinc 15mg + Manganese 75mcg+Selenium 75mcg Caps

Iron III Hydroxide Polymaltose Complex (IPC) 50mg+Vit B12 5mcg / 5ml – 150ml Syrup

Iron III Hydroxide Polymaltose Complex (IPC) 100mg+Folic Acid 350mcg / 5ml – 200ml Syrup

Iron Sorbitol Cit. Acid complex 50mg+Folic Acid 500mcg+Vit B12 50mcg / ml – 1.5ml Amp.

Sodium Ferric Gluconate complex in sucrose 62.5mg/5ml – 5ml Amp.

Erythropoietin Injection 2000 IU /ml - 1ml

Cyproheptadine HCL 2mg+Tricholine Cit 275mg+Sorbitol 3.575g / 5ml – 200ml Syrup

Ginseng Capsules 500mg

Elemental Calcium 500mg + Vit D3 250IU Tabs

Calcium Carbonate 400mg+Calcitriol 0.25mcg+Zinc 0.75mg Tabs

Zinc Sulphate Monohydrate Capsules 140mg

Zinc Sul Monohydrate 54.93mg+Vit B1 10mg+Vit B2 10mg + Vit B6 3mg+Vit B12 150mg+Folic Acid 1mg+Niacinamide 50mg+Calcium Panthothenate 12.5mg Capsules

Pot. Chlor 500mg/5ml -200ml

Potassium removal Polystrene Sulphonate Resins Powder

Chromium Picolinate Capsules 200mcg

Chromium Picolinate Capsules 500mcg

Sibutramine Capsules 5mg

Sibutramine Capsules 10mg


Cetirizine 10mg tabs

Loratadine 10mg tabs

Chlorpheniramine Maleate 4mg tabs

Cyproheptadine HCl Sol. 2mg/5ml–100ml

Pheniramine Maleate 25mg tabs

Pheniarmine Maleate 50mg tabs


Lignocaine 2% + Adrenaline Amps 2ml

Lignocaine 2% Amps 2ml

Bupivacaine Injection 5mg/ml – 20ml

Benzocaine Gel 20% 5g

Benzocaine Gel 20% 25g

Thiopentone Sodium Injection 500mg

Thiopentone Sodium Injection 1g

Ketamine 500mg/10ml Vial

Propofol Injection 10mg /ml – 10ml

Propofol Injection 10mg /ml – 20ml

Halothane Liq 30ml

Halothane Liq 50ml

Halothane Liq 200ml

Halothane Liq 250ml

Lorazepam Injection 2mg / ml – 2ml

Diazepam Tablets 5mg

Diazepam Suspension 2mg/5ml

Diazepam Injection 10mg /2ml – 2ml

Midazolam Injection 5mg/ml – 5ml

Midazolam Injection 1mg/ml – 10ml

Vecuronium Injection 4mg / 2ml

Vecuronium Injection 10mg Vial

Glycopyrrolate Injection 0.2mg - 10ml

Glycopyrrolate Injection 0.2mg / ml

Trypsin Chymotrypsin Tablets 5.775mg

Serratiopeptidase Tablets 5mg

Serratiopeptidase Tablets 10mg

Serratiopeptidase Tablets 20mg

20% Dextrose 25ml

25% Dextrose 25ml

50% Dextrose 25ml


Povidone Iodine Solution 7.5% 50ml

Povidone Iodine Solution 7.5% 100ml

Povidone Iodine Solution 7.5% 500ml

Povidone Iodine Solution 7.5% 1000ml

Dichloroxylenol Solution 5 Lit.

Chlorhexidine Solution 2%w/v 100ml

Chlorhexidine Solution 2%w/v 500ml

Glutaraldehyde Solution 1Lit.

Glutaraldehyde Solution 2Lit.

Glutaraldehyde Solution 3Lit.

Triclosan 0.5% w/w 500ml

Benzylkonium Chloride Sol. 4.5% 5 lit.

Isopropyl alcohol 76% + n-propyl alcohol 4.3%+Benzalkonium 500ml Sol.


2 tabs Clarithromycin 250mg, 2 tabs Amoxycillin 750mg,   2 caps Omeprazole 20mg – 6 tab kit

2 caps Lansoprazol 30mg, 2 tabs Clarithromycin 250mg, 2 tabs Tinidazole 500mg – I kit

1 tab/cap Omeprazole 20mg, Amoxycillin 750mg, Tinidazole 500mg – 1 kit


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